My Journey on the road of Martial Arts

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So I did go for a 4km run before training and lets say it was a struggle. I guess I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch so I was struggling a little bit with the energy levels. Pulled up quite well at TKD, only problem was when we were doing pad work that I could feel my hip/groin injury being overworked. I tried doing an inside crescent kick and then following up with a jump turn outside crescent kick (outside crescent done with my left leg, which is where the hip is injured) and I could feel the discomfort or the tendons/muscles around the joint. Guess I will be slowly easing my way back into it then.

We did poomsae (forms) and self defense as well. Need to practice my throws. I struggled with the over the shoulder throw and just need more practice with the hip throw. Overall with poomsae I went up to Red belt level (even though im only a yellow belt) and felt confident with most of the forms (I’ve done them a few times before) I still find the 4th and 5th forms the most fun. I think we did up to form 6 (?).

Overall enjoyed being on the mats at my dojang again. I didn’t have to think about uni or any other worries. It just felt good to pour my strength into what I was doing.

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